After several misunderstandings: This is how you know if you’re allowed to walk on the ice

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

After several days of frost and cold, many lakes and bodies of water have frozen over.

This has tempted many to try and walk on the icy surfaces but it’s far from legal everywhere.

Now, the police have made an announcement to keep people safe: Remember to keep an eye on any signs around the place you’re thinking of walking. Are there no signs in the area then it’s not legal nor safe to walk on the ice.

“Færdsel på isen er tilladt” means that it’s safe to walk on the ice.

Last week, several news outlets shared an overview of places where you’re allowed to walk on the ice but there was some confusion as the places listed are the only ones where Aalborg Municipality measures the thickness of the ice.

Only when the ice is minimum 13 centimeters thick will a sign be posted that allows walking on the surface.

If there are no signs then it’s still dangerous (and illegal) to walk on the ice.

Places where you’re allowed to walk on the ice:

  • Tylstrup – the lake by the highway: Luneborgvej 144, Tylstrup
  • Lindholmsvej/Højens Allé: Lindholmsvej 190 Nørresundby
  • The old golf course by Kollegievej: Kollegievej 20 Aalborg
  • Østerådalen (the southern most lake): Hobrovej 341 Aalborg SØ (south east part of Aalborg)
  • Fjellerad: Fjellerad Bygade
  • Volsted: Volsted Bygade
  • Øster Uttrup: By the dam in Aalborg Øst (eastern part of Aalborg)
  • Øster Sundby: Forårsvej Aalborg Øst (eastern part of Aalborg)
  • The city dam in Hals: Aalborgvej 33B
  • The city dam in Gandrup: Gl Kongevej 24
  • The city dam in Ulsted: Jyllensgade 26

Places where Aalborg Municipality is measuring the ice but you’re not allowed to walk yet:

  • Mølledammen in Kongerslev: Møllevej
  • Kildebæk by Gadekærsvek in Sejlflod

Keep an eye on the status of the ice here.

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