1916 steam locomotive: Ride the vintage train from Aalborg during fall break

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

If you don’t already have big plans for your Fall break, we got just the activity for you.

Try riding in an authentic vintage train from 1916 with your family.

The trip starts at Aalborg’s train station and proceeds to Østhavnen. The ride begins at 14:00 on Thursday and Sunday. 

During the 20 minute stop in Østhavnen, you’ll be able to purchase coffee, soda, candy, and more. 

The trip takes just over two hours, including the stop at Østhaven. 

Reserve seats in advance

Because of COVID-19, the Limfjordbane informs MigogAalborg that it’s necessary to reserve your seats in advance so the guidelines can be followed.

Reserve your seats by sending a text message to 22 70 21 54 and indicate the day you want to ride along with the number of seats you wish to reserve.

Everyone over the age of 12 must wear face masks at the stations and onboard the train.

The train has authentic teak wagons that were built for private Danish railways from 1901 to 1933 and is powered by a steam locomotive from 1916.

What: Train ride on a vintage train in Aalborg

Where: Aalborg train station to Østhavnen

When: Thursday, October 15

Sunday, October 18

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