220 square meters of bakery and café: Surdejsbageren reopens

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Bakers are known for getting up early, but if you wanted to keep up with Surdejsbageren since they opened in Aalborg, you’d almost have to skip sleeping entirely.

In the middle of December 2019, the sourdough experts at Surdejsbageren opened a small 55-square meter bakery beneath the restaurant Aktuel in Budolfi Plads, only to double the size of their premises when they moved to their own spot on Budolfi Plads in summer 2020.

Now they’re more than doubling in floor space yet again.

This Tuesday, Surdejsbageren reopened – this time with a whole 220 square meters (+ another 150 outside).

The location is the same though seeing as they’ve “just” knocked down the walls into the neighboring rooms on Budolfi Plads.

All we know and love – plus a little more

MyAalborg have been allowed a sneak peek inside the fancy new premises where the delightful scent of freshly baked bread is already starting to overtake the smell of fresh paint and new furniture.

Henrik Bruse Skougaard is the person behind Surdejsbageren and his dream with the new premises is to create a place where young and old can meet for a chat, study, work or maybe just buy a bunch of cinnamon rolls to take home.

And there is definitely a wealth of possibilities for that to occur in the new bakery kingdom.

“The whole setup can be described as something like Surdejsbageren on steroids”, Henrik says with a big grin.

“…which should be understood in the way that everything is almost as per usual – just with a bigger selection for those North Jutland prices.

But we will still have a simple and delicious selection where the focus is on the best quality ingredients and handcraft.”

Order your bread quickly and easily through the window

The new bakery and café is both for people who are busy and for those who have more time and/or desire to linger (once corona is over of course).

Next week a window will be set up out toward Budolfi Plads so you can quickly and easily order a coffee, freshly buttered bun, or whatever else you desire from there.

The serving area is designed so that the first thing you meet is a delicious selection of bread, cakes, and pastries, and naturally the monstrous modern coffee machine – because what even is a cake without coffee?

Space for students in the café

The extra space is exploited so that there is room for four large Skagerak benches as well as a separate “bar-area” where there are 10 seats – here the intention is that students can sit and work or shoppers can just take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

From here you can also get a clear view of the action as you can sit and watch the talented bakers and confectioners work their magic in the kitchen.

Beyond that, there is now also room for a large customer bathroom and, not least, a broader selection of baking equipment and flour.

The reopening will be celebrated with … NUTELLA!

Such an opening obviously needs to be celebrated, and Henrik promises that the bakery will be filled up with bread, cakes, and espresso beans.

“And oh yeah, we have also made Nutella rolls, Nutella buns, and Nutella-cheesecake,” Henrik says with a subtle smile.

But what now? Is Surdejsbageren on the lookout for a 400 square meter premises?

“We have big plans that’s what I can tell you. Who knows, we might soon be ready to announce something new,” he concludes.

You can find Surdejsbageren in Budolfi Plads 16-18.

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