300 Christmas trees and heaps of Christmas lights: Christmas decorations in Aalborg will be extra pretty this year

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Last week, we had to break a lot of bad news to Christmas lovers.

Not only is the ice-skating rink not opening this year but the annual Christmas Market in Gammeltorv is canceled as well due to the corona-situation.

There is luckily some good news for the people of Northern Jutland who – like us – cannot get enough of the Christmas season and all it entails in various Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas atmosphere, and so on.

Unique collaboration to boost the Christmas spirit

First and foremost, we can look forward to the traditional Christmas lighting that will be turned on in the city center next Friday, November 13, at 16:30.

This initiative has been backed up by a record number of stores, despite the difficult corona-situation.

But the Christmas spirit does not stop there. Aalborg City and a long list of municipality administrations have gotten together to think creatively in this difficult time.

“This year you will experience a city center that has been extraordinarily well decorated, thanks in part to a completely sublime collaboration between different administrations in the municipality and Aalborg City.

Christmas shopping has never been more important for the city’s stores, and it’s really important that we work together across the board. I am extremely proud that we have reached our goal,” Flemming Thingbak from Aalborg City says.

Winter wonderland with over 200 Christmas trees in Gammeltorv

And so, what can we look forward to?

This year, the Christmas Market in Gammeltorv will be replaced by an authentic winter wonderland in the form of 200 Christmas trees, which are already beginning to fill Gammeltorv with a true Christmas scent and feel.

“I simply could not bear it if Gammeltorv were to be completely dark and sad over Christmas, in an already very sad time in Denmark.

We have had a Christmas market in Gammeltorv for the past 18 years, and this year there must also be a real Christmas atmosphere – despite the extraordinary situation.

The Christmas trees will be filled with over 3.500 Christmas baubles and a lot of candles, and I am sure it will be an absolutely fantastic sight,” Flemming Thingbak promises.

The lights on all the Christmas trees will be lit at the same time as the Christmas lights around the city center next Friday, November 13.

The Christmas trees take over Budolfi and Nytorv

The Christmas trees will also take over other parts of the city too. From Algade and up towards Budolfi Church, the street will be filled with over 50 Christmas trees with red Christmas baubles and Christmas lights.

Nytorv is currently one giant building site but it will be entirely reinvigorated up to Christmas, and there will be no construction activity again until the new year.

This area will provide space for 70 decorated Christmas trees, an extra Christmas carriage with lots of yummy Christmas treats and will have individual passages temporarily paved so you can easily get from A to B.

Even more Christmas lighting

But we are not even done describing the Christmas atmosphere in the city center.

Since 2018, City-Ejendomme Aalborg has provided extra magnificent Christmas lighting on several of the city’s buildings.

Fortunately, we can also look forward to their displays this year when buildings such as Østerågade 5 and 6, Østerågade 17 / Bispensgade 1, and Østerågade 19-21 will be covered in the most beautiful Christmas lighting once again.

Illustration by City-Ejendomme

These will be lit at the same time as the rest of the Christmas lights in the city center on Friday, November 13.


What: Christmas gone amok in the city center
Where: Almost everywhere
When: From 16:30 on Friday, November 13

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