50 minutes from Aalborg: Spend a memorable night in a unique fjord bubble

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Last week, a very unique new accommodation option opened in Denmark.

At Mariager Camping, just a short 50-minute drive from Aalborg, they have recently built two special luxury tents, aptly named Fjordbobler (Fjord Bubbles).

The bubbles are a form of outdoor hotel room made to withstand all types of weather and placed with panoramic views over Mariager Fjord.

Inside the Fjordbobler, you are met with a proper double bed, lounge chairs, and fireplace.

There are also large panoramic windows from which you can enjoy looking out over the fjord and surrounding nature.

Outdoor terrace and shower

Each of the Fjordbobler has its own outdoor terrace and an outdoor shower, so you can really feel at one with nature.

They have already captured Denmark’s attention with national media coverage due to their unique style.

The couple responsible for the new initiative, Anni and Kenneth Jensen, put the special nature of their creation into words.

“Some will probably call it Glamping, and it should also feel like camping with a little extra luxury.

We call it a hotel stay where nature comes right in under the blanket.

A stay in one of the Fjordbobler includes coffee or tea, towels, and crockery for two people. It should be easy and straightforward for the guests.

You do not need to bring a lot of practical things, so you can give yourself a little more freedom to just be,” they write about the initiative.

So if you need a getaway from Aalborg within manageable driving distance then a stay in a Fjord bubble might be a good option for you.

You can read more about it here.

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