A bigger and better location: Aalborg’s hottest bakery is moving

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

In 2019, Aalborg got its very own sourdough bakery on Budolfi Plads 4.

Surdejsbageren – or the Soughdough Baker in English – offers organic, sourdough bread and cakes that taste like gourmet but is kept at an affordable price range.

To say that the bakery has been a success is putting it mildly; only nine months after his launch, owner Henrik Bruse Skougaard is moving to a bigger location.

Two weeks from now, Surdejsbageren will re-open just 100 meters from the old location on Budolfi Plads 14-16.

Even more space

The initial opening will only take up 240 square meters while the neighboring room is being constructed but once finished on December 1, 2020, customers will be able to enjoy 400 square meters filled with baked goods and hot drinks.

“The extra square meters means that we got even more room for our bakery, a coffee shop, takeaway, a bar area where students can enjoy food and power their laptops – and of course a whole lot of tables and benches from Skagerak where visitors can enjoy themselves,” Henrik says.

Aside from a coffee shop and an open bakery where customers can experience the process from dough to bread, Surdejsbageren is also planning on offering different delicacies that you can bring home.

These include Arla Unika cheeses, homemade toppings, and local, organic flour from Aurion.

“The new bakery will be built around our existing brand – just bigger but still at affordable prices.”

The new, albeit temporary, version of the bakery opens on September 8, and Henrik guarantees that it will be celebrated in style.

“Among other things, we have plans of baking ‘tickets’ into the bread so some of our lucky customers can win some of our products.

It is going to be great, and we are already excited to see our customers again,” concludes Henrik.

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