A classic dessert in new form: Here is the city’s best “koldskål” ice cream

by Ashton Christensen

Summer is thankfully on the way and although there are still a few weeks left until the calendar officially says “summer”, we can recommend taking a small headstart.

We predict that the so-called koldskål ice cream will be a big hit this summer. Several shops have already presented their version this year.

Like pancake puffs (æbleskiver) in the winter, it’s also hard to imagine a summer without the classic dessert, usually consisting of buttermilk, lemon, eggs, sugar, and vanilla.

In fact, koldskål originated here in Denmark where it started out as a kind of mash made from beer, sugar, cinnamon, and bread.

Only when buttermilk was invented in the late 1800s was koldskål recreated into something we recognize today. 

As is shown when it’s mixed with ice cream, the classic dessert is quite special.


The ice cream shop Isværftet started last year by presenting their variant of a koldskål ice cream made with buttermilk (of course), a little whipped cream, sugar and not least, exquisite Bourbon vanilla.

And on top, sweet and crunchy marshmallows were sprinkled on.

It’s no secret that we’ve been all over this particular variant – and so have the locals who, after our last article on the subject aired, flocked to Stjernepladsen to taste the wonder.

The ice cream shop’s velvety koldskål ice cream has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, and with their new lemon curd, it was hard to keep your jaw up.

This is our absolute favorite when the legendary dessert is served as ice cream!


The worldwide chain repeatedly shows that it knows everything that’s going on in terms of local (or at least national) initiatives, which is why it has also presented a koldskål ice cream this year.

They have chosen to rethink the classic McFlurry by adding a special “koldskål sauce” that mostly resembles a slightly thick syrup – in yellow.

The yellow color comes from the concentrated lemon juice, and if you’re into the kind of koldskål that is nice and tangy, this is a pretty good bet.

Stir together the sauce, ice cream, and small chunks of kammerjunker if you want the perfect mix (kammerjunker is a type of cookie/biscuit that is often served with koldskål).

While McDonald’s version of the dessert is entirely satisfactory, it also tastes a bit more synthetic than the ice cream shops – and on our next visit to the place we’d most likely prefer the good old McFlurry … with Daim.


ParadIS does not hold back when it comes to new initiatives and they always present several different winner-ice creams on the menu.

This year they have also chosen to launch a koldskål ice cream, which – unlike the others – is accompanied by fresh strawberries.

This means you get a slightly tarter taste than we know from koldskål, along with the sweet taste and soft texture from the ice cream.

Unlike McDonald’s variants, ParadIS tastes authentic. The taste was so fresh and natural that we doubted whether it was koldskål ice cream or just a delicious sorbet.

Therefore, this variant is for those who perhaps don’t quite love the classic, thick, lemon-flavored koldskål but would rather like the sweet taste of fresh strawberries and a touch of crunch on top.

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