A delicious explosion: Dick pics end up on honey cakes

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

It’s no secret that we’ve tasted many different honey cakes over the years.

But Buens Bogcafé has once again surprised us with a variation that we find nothing short of ingenious.

They have brought back their famous honey bombs, adorned with some rather interesting motifs, to put it mildly.

On top of each honey cake is a glossy image of so-called ‘Dick pics’, which the artist Rikke Oberlin Flarup has involuntarily received over the years.

Tired of dick pics

Owner Kristine Sofie Højen explains that the glossy images are created by the artist Rikke Oberlin, who grew tired of the unsolicited dick pics she received and decided to turn the situation upside down.

Therefore, she asked men to send her pictures of their private parts and give consent for her to transform them into glossy images.

On the website arkivfordetaljer.dk, the artist herself writes about the thoughts behind it:

“The idea for the consent glossy images arose from a wonder about the phenomenon of unsolicited dick pics: What is their purpose? Should one feel the desire to get to know the owner of the genitals? Should one be turned on by it? Or is it about power? And what about consent?

The artist’s wonder about the phenomenon went far and eventually led her to think about what dick pics would be called in Danish. “Pikbillede”? “Dillerbillede”?

Neither of the two words seemed particularly charming to Rikke. That’s why she came up with a new meaning for the word ‘Glansbillede’ (glossy image)!”

Started making glossy images

Therefore, the artist had to try making the so-called glossy images and decorating them with glitter and flowers.

She again thought about consent because she didn’t want to use the images she had received unsolicited.

So, she told various men about her project and asked them kindly for a picture.

It resulted in three different dick pics, with consent given for her to draw portraits, turn the portraits into glossy images, share pictures of the glossy images, and sell the glossy images afterward as Rikke Oberlin Flarup writes on the website.

Exquisite honey cake

But the honey cakes are not just a fun idea; they also taste really good.

The honey cake bomb is from Bæchs and has a delicious layer of dark chocolate.

In the middle, there is a tasty filling of apricot jam and cream.

A good classic honey cake that we can highly recommend (not just because of the glossy images).

You can find the famous honey cake bomb at Buens bogcafé on Maren Turis Gade 12.

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