A light in the dark: You can still visit Aalborg Zoo this Christmas

by Shellie Boudreau

It was as if time suddenly stopped when it was announced that Denmark would experience another lockdown.

The latest lockdown includes shopping centers, restaurants, fitness centers, cultural centers and institutions, and a wide range of stores.

No doubt some of our first thoughts were that Christmas 2020 would be really dull.

On the bright side, Aalborg Zoo is not part of the lockdown. This year, Aalborg Zoo went the extra mile to make Christmas 2020 memorable.  The Zoo brings light to the dark with thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights and decorations. As a result, the tickets for the Zoo are disappearing rather quickly.

Christmas in the Zoo is all outdoors and therefore not included in the restrictions. Only indoor activities are closed.

You can only get into the Zoo by purchasing a ticket beforehand.  This also applies if you hold an annual card or sponsorship tickets. You can buy a ticket on the homepage.

Buy your ticker here

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