A sweet Christmas: Coffee shop launches this year’s Christmas cheesecake

by Ashton Christensen

On Gabels Torv, where the large Christmas tree competes with the overhanging Christmas lights to capture the passerby’s attention, you’ll find Behag Din Smag: A coffee shop that spoils coffee-loving locals on a daily basis.

Aside from their coffee brewing, where every detail and coffee bean has been thought-out, you will find pastries as well that are baked on-site every day. The scent of cinnamon rolls, buns, and freshly-brewed coffee thus greets you every time you enter the coffee shop.

This time, however, we’re going to tell you about a pastry that doesn’t lure you in from the street with its bewitching smell. We’re speaking of this year’s Christmas cheesecake, which might lack the smell of freshly baked cake but still manages to entice from its place in the pastry showcase. 

Behag Din Smag usually has a Danish rice-pudding (Risalamande) cheesecake on the menu, and we’ve approved of that … year after year. 

A Christmas miracle 

This time, the coffee shop has chosen to switch it up and instead use their creativity in a completely new way, which according to Behag Din Smag consists of orange and blood orange with a solid crumble of organic, homemade gingerbread on the bottom.

Indeed this is a very brave and novel approach to this year’s Christmas cake: Nevertheless, we can reveal that it’s been nothing but a success. 

The filling itself, which is the primary element of a cheesecake, tastes to us like (ladies and gentlemen, hang onto your hats and glasses): Milk slices!

We’re not completely sure how they’ve succeeded, one guess is a touch of honey? In any case, it tastes really good and with the crunch of the gingerbread, we’re on our way to heaven. 

This could easily become a Christmas addiction – and calories don’t count in December… right? 

Remember that the cheesecake from Behag Din Smag is made in small batches from day to day – so you may risk going in vain if other Christmas cake-loving guests run a little faster than you. 

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