A sweet Christmas: Indulge in pink hot cocoa in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Even though we’re aware that we’ve almost exhausted the topic of the city’s wild Christmas delights, we couldn’t resist sharing one more with you.

This one is so outstanding that there’s nothing to be done about it. We’re talking about none other than pink hot cocoa.

It is (not surprisingly) Guf and Kugler on Slotsgade that have conjured up this wonder that would make even Barbie’s cheeks turn pink with excitement.

Jeppe Korsholm Mikkelsen, soon-to-be the official heir of the ice cream empire, reveals that the cocoa came about for two very special reasons.

“It is dedicated to the two women in my life,” he says with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“My mother is a true ‘pink lady’ who loves everything pink, and my girlfriend has a fondness for white chocolate. That’s how the idea came about,” he explains.

A pink declaration of love

The hot cocoa is made with white Callebaut chocolate, stirred in steamed milk – and according to Jeppe, it has been infused with so much love that it turned pink.

“You can get either soft serve or whipped cream on top. Or something else. We are very open to people’s own ideas,” he says, concluding:

“And, of course, we serve it both to-go and to-stay.”

MyAalborg has already tasted it for you, and we must say: It’s a declaration of love that stands out!

If you’re into sweet and pink things and dream of some delicious content for your Instagram, this is a must-try for Christmas.

The pink cocoa costs 50 kroner and is available during Guf & Kugler’s opening hours, which currently are Friday (15:00-17:00), Saturday (13:00-20:00), and Sunday (13:00-17:00).

On December 20, 21, 22, and 23, Guf & Kugler will be open from 13:00-20:00.

In addition to pink hot cocoa, the ice cream parlor offers everything from ice cream with roasted almonds, gingerbread, to the taste of rice pudding.

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