A very crispy Christmas: A guide to churros in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

We hope you’re not tiring of Christmas news – because we have another one to share!

There appears to be crispy competition in Aalborg’s city center this year as another competitor has entered the contest for the most delicious churro in town.

We have already spoken of (and recommended) the churros-wagon by Sallings’ entrance on Algade. Now, there are a few other noteworthy mentions. 

Admittedly we sampled them all, and here are our top 3 choices for crispy churros in Aalborg.

The churros-wagon by Salling

The classic and hard-to-miss wagon on Algade is a long-standing tradition we expect to see each year.  You simply cannot miss it.

Be warned, as you walk through the newly designed pedestrian streets, the scent of freshly made churros will stop you in your tracks. 

These delicious churros are made exclusively from wheat flour, sugar, vanilla, and some salt, thus making them a vegan option.  

The wheat flour comes directly from Spain, giving rise to a more classic Spanish churro.

The churros are prepared right in front of you and served warm.  You can watch as the doughnut-like batter transforms into a Christmas treat.

The price is 40 kr. – if you want soft ice on top, it’s an extra 50 kr.

The churros-wagon on Nytorv

New arrival is the churros-wagon on Nytorv.

Here, Spanish churros are being served by a charming operator while you stand on a red carpet. Now that is a royal Christmas affair.

The wagon solely specializes in Churros. You can select from icing sugar, cinnamon sugar, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel toppings. 

Moreover, on Nytorv, these churros can be served with soft ice and Nutella. It’s entirely up to you – we understand everyone has different tastes.

You probably can guess what we tried. 

Here the price is 55 kr for a perfectly baked crispy and fluffy churro experience.

The relatively large portion disappeared as quickly as they cooked, but the caramel and sugar remaining on our faces gave us away.

Churros at Caféministeriet

Perhaps you want to try Churros, but the day is quite cold, and your fingers can’t handle the winter bite. Not a problem; get your churros and enjoy them under some warm shelter.

At Caféministeriet, churros is a featured menu item this Christmas. Why not, seeing as we also wanted to enjoy their legendary Christmas burger. 

At Caféministeriet, the churros’ are more heavy and crispy – meaning they are fried a bit longer, so they are less fluffy in the center. 

This style is not without consideration as it combines perfectly with a serving chocolate sauce. The crispy sticks are strong enough to scoop up the sauce and together create the perfect bite. 

So what’s it going to be? Just churros or a Christmas burger and Churros for dessert when you visit Caféministeriet next? It’s the season to be jolly, right?

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