A whole new concept: Solve spooky mysteries at Eternitten in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Maybe you already tried the popular escape rooms where you are locked into a room and must solve puzzles and riddles to escape before the time runs out.

But did you know you can also try a mystery version of escape rooms outside?

Under the shadows of the corona lockdown, FunCenter at Eternitten launched an outdoor Escape Room called “Operation Mindfall.”

You can try any time of the day between 09:00 – 21:00.  Our interns at MyAalborg highly recommends playing at nightfall as you get to run around in the dark at the old Eternitten grounds.

But you should also be ready for it to be a bit spooky running around and solving mysteries at the spacious Eternitten grounds.

A scary terrorist group will attack Aalborg

Your mission is ready when you sign up.

The terrorist organization Spider Tech created and placed a brainwashing virus into the central water systems.

The virus is currently dormant but in 90 minutes the virus will activate from the secure HQ servers at the Eternitten grounds in Aalborg. Once activated, the terrorist group will be able to take control of the country.

Operation Mindfall is an outdoor Escape Game that plays out over an approx. 2 km route.

The game blends classic elements from the popular Escape Rooms with GPS geocaching and augmented reality.

Equipped with an iPad and suitcase full of spy gadgets, you and your team will travel around the Eternitten site and FunCenter completing tasks and solving puzzles.

The game videos, interface, etc., are in English, the riddles and puzzles are in Danish and English. It is recommended you set aside 2 hours for the whole experience, including the introduction and conclusion.

Mindfall can be experienced all year round regardless of the weather.

The game is perfect for groups of all sizes (max 20 persons).  When you attend, you can play with up to five persons per team.

You can read more here

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