Aalborg will be over-run: Huge race this summer 

by Shellie Boudreau

Aalborg was unfortunately not chosen as a host city for the popular Royal Run event.

But don’t worry. New opportunities are approaching the city as we scroll through our calendars. And as winter turns to spring there is more and more motivation to find our running shoes. 

Whether you run for lifestyle, leisure or sport, consider preparing for a giant race this summer.

Aalborg City and Aalborg Athletics & Motion have teamed up for a brand new race in the city center. If successful, the plan is to make the event a yearly tradition. 

The race is on Saturday, June 3rd, and has been named the Aalborg City Run. You can choose between distances: Aalborg City Tour, Aalborg City 5K and Aalborg City 10K.

All good things have limits – including race numbers

Given that this is the very first year of the event, there are set aside 1,250 race numbers for sale. We recommend not waiting too long if you want to join this summer.

Registration is now open.

“Aalborg City Run is not just an event to log your exercise. It is an opportunity for a wonderful day in the city.

To ensure a great day there will be a cozy event space on Gammeltorv with activities for the whole family all day,” Aalborg City says about the race.

The Aalborg City Run consists of a 2.5 km circuit, which must be completed one, two or four times. The route consists of various twists and turns so you can experience the charm and beauty of Aalborg City, including some of the shopping streets.

The start is at Budolfi Plads by Adelgade.

The route.

There will be music and entertainment along the way. We heard some rumors of small surprises too.

“We have planned the day for the Aalborg City Tour to occur during the shops’ opening hours.

Aalborg City Tour is perfect for those who wish to walk at leisure or for families with children.

So NOT a place for a competitive run. Although the route will NOT be blocked off, you can follow the markings outlining the course, and there are staffed signposts along the way,” Aalborg City explains.

Aalborg City 5K, and Aalborg City 10K starts after the shops’ closing times. So, there is an opportunity – depending on the competition and physical ability – or perhaps we should say agility?

“However, be prepared that the route contains many bends, narrow passages and stretches of cobblestone and is, therefore, less suitable for records,” they state.

Join here and learn more about the race here.

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