Accidentally came to be: Now you can get a Kinder Bueno-pie in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

There’s nothing revolutionary about combining familiar chocolates with sugar pastries.

We have seen it with Snickers, Daim or Kinder, layered on top just to create a most tasteful experience…

However, this is not the case at Surdejsbageren who has a Kinder Bueno pie on the menu as of last week. It came about by pure chance, says the new pastry chef (and creator of the pie) Jakob Martens.

“I really just wanted to start with some flavors that I liked. So I first tried adding cocoa to a short crust pastry, which tasted good.

Then I added a filling of “Gold Chocolate” from Callebaut, which is caramelized white chocolate, as well as caramel, nuts, and a chocolate nougat cream,” Jakob says about the new pie, which at the time wasn’t intended to end up on the stand as a Kinder Bueno look-a-like.

“When some of the girls down here went to taste it, they exclaimed that it tasted exactly like Kinder Bueno – and I had to agree with them,” Jakob remarks.

A must-try

Of course we also stopped by to taste the new pie, which at first glance mostly “just” looks like a small chocolate pie. But don’t judge by appearances – or the icing on the pie.

When you pierce your fork into the little tart, a soft, white mass appears and gives just the right sweet kick that makes the tart taste like Kinder Bueno – in a calmed(and not nauseating!) way.

According to Jakob, the “accident” was due to a healthy curiosity and creativity in pastry-making, where he was simply trying to combine flavors and combinations that he enjoyed or had been successful with before.

“We don’t know what’s in the regular Kinder Bueno, so the recipe for our pie just turned out to be a bunch of great ingredients that happened to taste like Kinder Bueno when put together,” Jakob says proudly of the new masterpiece.

The pie costs 45 kr and will soon be a regular guest star of the showcase.

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