After 14 years: Aalborg’s Pancake House is up for sale

by Megan McPhee Christensen

When it comes to sun, summer and ice cream there are certain places where the people of Aalborg always choose to satisfy their sweet cravings.

One of those places is Pandekagehuset (the Pancake House) which has become quite an institution in Aalborg after 14 years – and not least in the west end of town.

Located on Bådehavnsvej 13, almost right down to the Limfjord, the cozy pancake café is ideally positioned, and owner Rasmus Winther Jørgensen has also enjoyed his many years behind the counter with a view of the charming marina.

Now, however, it is time to enjoy family life more, and hence he has decided to put the café up for sale.

“I don’t want to do it anymore to put it bluntly.

I would rather live the family life and find something else to do that can give me time off when the kids have time off,” Rasmus tells MyAalborg.

Hopeful that others can take over

The thoughts about selling the café did not take hold suddenly but started all the way back when Denmark was going through the first corona period and when the restaurant industry in particular was hard hit.

The challenges with lockdowns and aid packages have now been replaced by inflation and cost increases on raw materials, and all of this has drained the café owner’s energy.

“I’ve been in business since 2009 so I don’t have the energy to start over,” he explains, adding:

“But I hope the dream is there for others.”

The pancake house is being put up for sale in order to find owners who can continue to run the popular eatery – hopefully for another 14 years, if you ask Rasmus.

“It would be cool if someone wants to continue it. It can easily become a good business if someone wants to put the hours and energy into it,” he says.

He also emphasizes that Pandekagehuset has many good contracts with e.g. manufacturers that a new owner would be able to take over, and that the building’s landlord is ready to renovate should the new owner wish to do so.

All the cafe’s fixtures, machines, website and social media will also be included in the purchase.

If you are interested in buying Pandekagehuset, you can contact Rasmus Winther Jørgensen at

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