After giant success: Berlin Döner opens a second location in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Since Berlin Döner opened on Reberbansgade during the summer of 2022, their popularity has only gone one way and that’s up.

The demand for the delicious flatbread stuffed with grilled veal, vegetables and dressing has become so great that the owner Damir Stojkovic is acting on it by opening another location.

Everyone living in Øgaden and Vejgaard will be very excited to learn that the new Berlin Döner is opening in their hood.

The new restaurant will replace a former paint shop on the corner of Sjællandsgade and Samsøgade.  The area seems perfect as the locals already appreciate nearby options like Wasabi Sushi and Nanking Grill.

The opening date is undecided, but it will likely be the beginning of March, says Damir Stojkovic, adding that the decision results from the high demand.

“We would like to extend our offer so that people living in or near Øgaden and Vejgaard find it easier to buy our food.

It is not always possible to make your way into the city center and we know many people live in that area,” he explains.

Berlin Döner on Reberbansgade.

Free food for the first 200 customers

With the new opening comes a new menu too.

Until now, the menu at Berlin Döner has been simple – meaning there’s only one option: The Berliner-Döner.

When the new location opens in March, there will also be cause for another celebration: a new menu (in Sjællandsgade and Reberbansgade).  

But the menu is a secret right now. However, Damir Stojkovic shared some amazing details: the first 200 customers at the opening will receive free food.

They also did this at their first debut in 2022 where the line stretched out onto the street.

One can only wonder if there will be a repeat of this in March. Regardless, the team at Berlin Döner is looking forward to the opening.

“We are happy and grateful for the amazing support from Aalborg.

People come from all over the city and the rest of North Jutland to buy our food, and now we are looking forward to catering to even more people,” he says.

Recipe created in 1972

Berlin Döner is known for its crispy, freshly baked and steaming flatbread smeared with kräuter, – Knoblauch or Scharf dressing packed with fine slices of just the right lightly marinated veal and fresh red cabbage, zittau, herbs, cucumber, tomato, and iceberg. 

Just like in Kreuzberg. 

Their recipes were developed in 1972 in Berlin (of course) by the Turkish-born migrant worker and machine fitter Kadir Nurman.

He had immigrated to Germany and when he was 26 years old he lost work during a recession like many others.

Instead of returning home, he experimented with German-Turkish fusion gastronomy, which we know today as döner kebab.

For the first several years, the fusion was primarily enjoyed by Turkish minorities. By the 80s, a larger portion of the German population developed an appetite for spicy creation.

Today, the döner kebab is one of the most popular dishes in Germany.

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