After high demand: Caféministeriet once again offers 12 meatless servings for 249 kroner

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Veggie Wednesdays has been an extremely popular concept since it was introduced at Caféministeriet in 2022.

Most recently, the café held the meatless alternative in February but since “the demand has been overwhelming”, they are now opening up for bookings for four new green Wednesdays in April.

The café writes this on Facebook.

In addition to beloved café classics, Caféministeriet is known for hosting several themed evenings throughout the year where they, among other things, work their magic with tapas, meat, fries, béarnaise all you can eat, and much more.

Four Wednesdays focusing on the green kitchen

Now they welcome back the success of Veggie Wednesdays, which will take place on four Wednesdays in April.

It is all four Wednesdays from April 5th to April 26th that you can book a table for the green culinary experience.

Here, you can book a table and look forward to 12 deliciously composed social dining servings without meat but with a focus on taste, ingredients, variety, and quality.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Round 1:

  • Homemade hummus with naan bread
  • Green asparagus in vinaigrette with quail eggs and rye bread crumble
  • Vol au vent with wasabi cream, horseradish pearls, and cress

Round 2:

  • Korean BBQ à la Tofu
  • Bruschetta with pickled peppers, pepper cream, and basil
  • Spring rolls with ponzu cream and lemon-marinated radish
  • Fried polenta with mushrooms and parsley, and truffle mayo

Round 3:

  • Baked carrots with tahini dressing and feta
  • Shakshouka with poached organic eggs, mozzarella, and parsley
  • Risotto with mushrooms, romanesco, and parmesan

Round 4:

  • Cheesecake in a glass with pickled rhubarb and nut crunch
  • Chocolate brownie with pistachios, hazelnuts, mascarpone cream, white chocolate, and fresh berries

If you want to secure a table for the 12 delicious servings, you simply need to book a table on one of the four Wednesdays at either 17:30 and 20:00.

You can book a table for Veggie Wednesdays here.

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