After several violent events: A new type of guards in the city may become reality

by Shellie Boudreau
Archive photo: Police
Archive photo: Police

Municipal security guards or similar will soon become a regular part of the scene in Aalborg.

Atleast if the political party Venstre get their way.

Last week, Venstre proposed deploying a completely new type of guard in the city center during a city council meeting.

Among other details, the proposal outlines the following notion:

“In Aalborg, everyone must be able to move safely and freely in public spaces.

The recent and open violence on the streets during broad daylight and the growing insecurity during the evening and night are mounting into ever-growing concerns among citizens living in Aalborg Municipality.”

The reasons behind the need

A new bill from the government opens up a trial scheme that allows municipalities to set up uniformed municipality guards to establish security and keep the peace and order.

The objective is to boost and build a sense of security among the people while reducing crime and discouraging violence.

“The security guards support the work of the police. The municipal security guards do not have the power to, for example, issue fines or make arrests.

Fines and arrests remain under the jurisdiction of the police. Instead, the municipal guards will work closely with the police to monitor and ensure safety through their presence in public spaces, stations, and vulnerable residential areas.

The security guards help resolve conflicts and disruptive behaviour, just as they can use body cameras to document other criminal offences,” the city council group says.

It is a requirement that the municipal security guards are approved and trained in conflict management and dealing with drunk persons or those under the influence.

To start, the municipalities can employ approved security guards or hire approved guards from authorized security companies. A trial runs until July 1st, 2026. Thereafter, a permanent extension will be considered.

“It is crucial for Venstre that Aalborg is a safe city to live in and visit. Security guards can help us re-establish that safety and reduce fears about being in the city.”

Mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen is dismissive of the idea. He tells Nordjyske:

“Municipalities are already financially pressed with providing welfare and support of our elderly and children, so this new proposal will consume funds we don’t currently have to spend.”

Venstre recommends that a budget proposal be included for the pilot to deploy municipal security guards for the City Council’s discussions of the budget for 2024-2027.

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