Ahead of schedule: Vesterbo has reopened for traffic

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

If we were to hand out an award for the best road work of 2022 then the work being done on the railway bridge on Vesterbro is an obvious candidate.

Vesterbro was completely shut down on Saturday from 06:00 in the morning when the other part of the bridge was being torn down.

The blockade was supposed to last until this morning but for the third time in a row they completed the work ahead of time.

Train passengers have to be patient

Last night the municipality wrote:

“The other half of the bridge is now broken down, and we have once again opened for car traffic. Sorry for the noise and tremors that the demolition work caused. ”

Cars, cyclists, and pedestrians can once again pass across the bridge. However, only one track is passable in each direction.

If you’re traveling by train you have to be more patient. They’ve only just started running again this morning.

Replacing the bridge on Vesterbro is a big project, and the municipality has announced that it’ll be finished in September 2022.

Read more about the road work here.

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