ALDI makes announcement: This is the date they’re closing stores in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

ALDI is still keeping its 188 stores open but following their decision to completely withdraw from the Danish market, they’ll start closing 59 stores that they don’t suspect they’ll find buyers for.

These 59 stores will close by the end of January.

The remaining 114 stores along with 3 logistical centers will be bought by REMA 1000 later in 2023 once the Danish authorities are expected to approve the transaction.

“Right now our focus is on keeping our loyal and skilled employees in the stores and logistics so we can give the customers a great experience during Christmas and New Years and into 2023,” Finn Tang, administrative director in ALDI Denmark, explains.

Nordjyske writes that REMA 1000 will take over 19 stores in North Jutland. This includes ALDI on Dannebrogsgade 58 in Aalborg, Hjørringvej 56 in Nørresundby, and Viaduktvej 7-9 in Nørresundby.

Meanwhile the two ALDI’s in Aalborg on Odinsgade 7 and Bisgaardsvej 8 will shut down completely on January 26th.

625 employees will lose their jobs

The deal with REMA 1000 will ensure continued employment to around 1.600 of the current 2.800 ALDI employees while the sale of the remaining stores potentially can retain 180 people.

The closure of 59 stores in January and February is expected to mean the termination of 625 employees.

“We will do our best to help and support the employees who will have to find new jobs. In connection with this, I am happy about the great interest that others in the industry have taken in the skilled colleagues that we unfortunately have to dismiss,” Finn Tang says.

There is interest from different parties in taking over the remaining 15 stores. Like the deal with REMA 1000, other agreements will likewise have to be approved by the authorities.

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