All through October: Get every item on the menu at Sam’s Barbecue for 49 kr

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Do you like pizza, burgers or perhaps the legendary 40D?

Well, then there is good news.

Sam’s Barbecue in Bispensgade wants to spoil the people of Aalborg even more than usual in October.

Therefore, for the rest of the month, you can get everything on the menu for just 49 kr.

The offer is valid from Wednesday, October 7, until the end of October. 

Spoil yourself with a 40D

The menu has remained the same for the past 32 years – but maybe you’ve yet to try the legendary 40D, which was invented in the at Sam’s during their formative years.

The 40D has always been popular but it’s been in especially high demand over the past 15 years.

For the (still) ignorant few, a 40D is a kind of oven-baked, folded pizza containing kebab, fries, salad, and homemade dressing.

“Our sauce and kebab are different from other places. Here at Sam’s everything is homemade, and we even combine the spices ourselves. We also make our kebab fresh every day,” the staff explains.

40D sauce is made from a secret recipe

The legendary 40D sauce is, of course, also made from scratch and the recipe is top-secret. 

Though they will gladly reveal that it only takes 6 minutes to make a 40D, including the 3 minutes It needs to bake – so you can make it home quickly.

And in these corona times, good hygiene and food maintenance are of course essential, and on that note, we can say that recently Sam’s Barbecue earned yet another elite-smiley.

Everything is in perfect order so you can take it easy and treat yourself to a little deliciousness from Bispensgade.

You can view the full menu here.

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