Amazing news: Aalborg ranks among the best small cities in the world

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The rest of the world has certainly fallen in love with Aalborg. 

In recent years, we have been named the happiest city in Europe, and even the New York Times ranked Aalborg fifth on a list of places that you MUST visit in 2019.

Last year, the popular magazine Monocle, which focuses on culture and lifestyle, ranked Aalborg as the 20th best small city in the world in their Top 25 list.

Now the 2021 list has been published, and Aalborg has jumped all the way to the Top 10. On the brand new list, Aalborg ranks ninth ahead of cities like Bergen (Norway), Eindhoven (Netherland), and Bergamo (Italy).

The magazine calls it the “Small City-index”, which ranks the world’s best small cities. Porto (Portugal) is in the first place, followed by Leuven (Belgium) in second, and Itoshima (Japan) in third.

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Utzon Center and Kunsten are highlighted 

Monocle categorizes the Utzon Center and Kunsten as must-visit locations in Aalborg.

“The Utzon Center, which pays tribute to the works of one of Denmark’s most famous architects, along with the Alvar Alto-design Kunsten Museum, is just two of the city’s strong cultural offers,” Monocle writes.

Lasse Andersson, director of Kunsten and earlier director of the Utzon Center, proudly shows off Monocle’s rating of Aalborg.

“I’m so proud that Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and the Utzon Center are among the main reasons for Aalborg ascending from the 20th to the ninth place on the list.

We should be proud that Aalborg is one of the most interesting small cities in the world. That’s important in the world we live in,” Lasse Andersson says.

You can view Monocle’s list here.

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