Are you a dare-devil?: Jump from the top of the Limfjord bridge

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

If you’ve ever dreamt of jumping the approximately 14 meters from the Limfjord Bridge then you’re in luck.

In connection with IDRÆTSMØDET (a huge sports event that will take place in Aalborg this summer), you’re able to get the craziest surge of adrenaline by jumping directly into the Limfjord.

The activity takes place on Sunday, June 26, and there’s still open time slots from 15:15 to 17:00.

“On this one day, every security measure will be in place and all permissions have been given. Jump now – this may be your one shot,” the organizers write about the event.

This year, the organizers are offering the experience at a reduced price so you only have to pay 299 kroner.

Practical info about security and the rules

You can rent a wetsuit (+100 kroner) and/or neoprene shoes (+50 kroner) when you book your spot.

If you’re not renting the gear, it’s important that you bring your own wetsuit with long sleeves and legs and shoes (neoprene, sneakers or something similar – socks are not permitted).

Show up at least 45 minutters before your reserved time as there is preparation ahead of the jump. Have you for instance reserved a spot at 10:00 then show up at Bones (Strandvejen 6, 9000 Aalborg) at 09:15.

In order to participate, you have to be able to swim 200 meters.

Participate at your own peril.

The organizers at ChiliJuice cannot be held accountable for any damages to equipment or people. When checking in at the day of the event, participants will have to sign a document stating that they’re participating at their own peril.

All participants must be 14 years or older. Are you younger than 18 years old, you need to bring a parent or a guarding to sign the document.

If the practical measures aren’t in order, you won’t be allowed to jump. The money won’t be refunded for the missed jump.

Security is highly prioritized, which is why these demands are in place.

Read more about participation here.

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