Armed police in the streets: Major drill is being held in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Rigspolitiet - Danish Police
Photo: Rigspolitiet - Danish Police

Starting today, up to including Thursday, June 16, local police will be training their reaction patrol.

This means that police will be visible in the streets of Aalborg and Støvring where they’ll be practicing different activities.

If you spot armed police officers around town then be assured that it’s just a drill says police commissioner Lau Larsen who is the leader of the reaction patrol.

In connection with the different activities, locals will be meeting quite a lot of uniformed police and also hear gunshots with loose ammunition as well as sirens from police cars.

“We hope that locals will show understanding of the minor nuisances caused by the drills. It is necessary for us to practice our skills and work methods in realistic surroundings. This will keep us sharp if one day it is serious,” police commissioner Lau Larsen says.

The drills will start around 14:00 today, and the activities during the week will sometimes last until the evening. In order to keep things realistic, the police can’t say where the drills specifically will be run.

“It is part of the drill that police officers do not know when and where they will be called out. It adds to the learning experience,” Lau Larsen explains.

The reaction patrol is a regular emergency patrol with special education and equipment that can be called upon with brief notice if a quick response is necessary.

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