Art out in the open: Join the Street Art Tour for free

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo: KIRK Gallery
Photo: KIRK Gallery

Aalborg is known for its magnificent display of street art paintings and murals that grace the walls of the buildings throughout the city.

On Saturday, April 23, from 12:00-14:00 you can join a special tour of the paintings and murals and experience the art created by 14 international artists selected for their talents within the urban art landscape. 

We can thank KIRK Gallery, which is driving the ambitious mural painting project ‘Out in the Open.’

You will be in moments of awe and hardly notice the extra exercise you’ll get from walking the guided tour on Saturday.

The year’s largest group exhibit

The tour will start at 12:30 on Danmarkgade 8 with Lene Kirk explaining how the unique street-art gallery project ’Out in the Open’ began. She will also introduce the exhibition and each of the artists. 

Afterwards, at 13:30, there will be a tour of many of the street-art murals around Aalborg.

The gallery also welcomes this year’s largest group exhibit with 14 recognized international artists from the urban art scene. 

“Many (of these artists) have visited KIRK Gallery during the past 8 years to participate in the mural wall painting project ‘Out in the Open.’ Now you can experience all of them displayed on canvas where the project initially started. 

Many of these artists’ primary medium is painting as reflected by their classical training. They further developed their talents as we have seen around Aalborg and worldwide,” Lene Kirk explains.

Photo: Layercake Media

You can “meet” the artists

Although the gallery has worked with many known artists throughout the years, the exhibit will also feature new names. 

Among them, you can experience the world-famous British artist Chloe Early, a pioneer who started the wave in England during the late 00s. The fine arts artists Ian Francis, Chloe Early, and Conor Harrington led the way for classic murals to decorate the city streets and walkways. 

Moreover, the works of Argentinian Bosoletti and the French Swed will visit Aalborg later this summer to create new murals with a handful of other artists. 

So polish those walking shoes and get ready for culture and exercise an all-in-one on a free tour of the magnificent murals adorning our city streets and feast your eyes on a superb exhibit featuring 14 internationally recognized urban artists.  

What: Free Street Art Tour + exhibit
Where: Danmarksgade 8
When: Saturday, April 23, from 12:00-14:00

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