Artist behind troll sculptures with new project: Play with giant letters in front of Musikkens Hus

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

It’s been a year where most of us have vacationed at home, and one popular outing in Aalborg has been artist Thomas Dambo’s huge troll sculpture on Egholm.

The Danish artist had his big break in 2016 with The Six Forgotten Giants near Copenhagen; a project that’s been seen by millions of people from all over the world. The sculptures have even been included on lists of the most exciting things to experience near the capital.

Now, Thomas Dambo is at play again here in Aalborg.

Rolling alphabet

In cooperation with Musikkens Hus, the artist has created an alphabet of rolling letters in the square in front of the concert hall.

“The big letters have been made by recycled wood just like the trolls, and Thomas hopes that passersby will use the sustainable alphabet to create their own words or greetings.

If you take a photo of your creation and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the caption #musikkenshåb, you’ll have the chance to win a 2.000 kr gift certificate to Musikkens Hus.

Because it gives us hope if we in these strange times can create something new and wonderful together,” Musikkens Hus explains about the project.

A large fence has been raised around the giant letters so no one accidentally (or purposely) rolls them into the water.

Del artikel

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