Aspirations for Aalborg: Foreign restaurant chain ready for nationwide opening

by Ashton Christensen
PR photo
PR photo

Soon we can look forward to a somewhat different restaurant experience here in Aalborg.

Pincho Nation is a Swedish restaurant concept with considerable growth in Sweden since its launch in 2012. Now the restaurant is ready to expand in the North and the rest of Europe. 

The goal in Denmark is 15-20 restaurants over the next 3 to 5 years. This goal includes places like Aalborg, Odense, and Aarhus. Pincho Nation announced this in a press release and revealed that they are already in dialogue with potential franchises in the cities.

However, there is still an opportunity to make a pitch if you dream of starting with this exciting concept.

Pincho Nation is quite a unique restaurant. It is decorated so that it feels like you’re sitting in a circus.

PR photo

All dishes are tapas-sized

Furthermore, all dishes are tapas-sized so that you can have everything from burgers, steak, chicken, and other goodies as tapas.

At a classic restaurant the routine of a visit is familiar, but at Pincho Nation it’s a bit different.

Guests don’t have to wait for someone to take their order but can order themselves via the Pinchos app, which is admired for several reasons.

“Guests can control their visit and order as often and as much as they want at their own pace.

This means that staff can focus on meeting guests, providing genuine personal service and forming the cozy atmosphere that so many people admire,” Ida Holmqvist, Operations Manager at Pincho Nation, says.

Two restaurants in Copenhagen

Pincho Nation already has two restaurants in Copenhagen running successfully despite the pandemic.

The company now has high ambitions for expansion, according to Food Supply.

“Our app-based concept and the quirky circus-inspired décor have proven their worth.

We have our own place in the market and are grateful and proud to have come through the pandemic so strongly.

Now it’s time to expand the Pincho Nation family and put some more restaurants on the Danish map,” Flemming Christophersen, CEO and partner of Pincho Nation Denmark, says.

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