Authentic pizza and real Italian ice cream: New pizzeria opens in the center of Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen
Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

Finding people who don’t like pizza is hard. Really hard.

Aalborg has a list of options to find your pizza preference and satisfy your cravings. 

Maybe you are having a bit of a hangover. Likewise, you may be fantasizing about a greasy, cheesy pizza to snack on with extra dressing.

Even better if you are in the mood for an authentic pizza where the ingredients are imported directly from Italy. 

If authenticity is what you seek, we have an announcement for you.

In Nørregade, the pizzeria Amici is open and offers just about everything you can wish for from a sidewalk café in Italy.

Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

Known from Aalborg Streetfood

Emmanuele De Amicis is the face behind the pizzeria but despite the new address, he is no stranger to town.

Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

He is the former owner of one of the most popular pizzerias at Aalborg Streetfood and now he’s putting all his energy and focus on a new location in Nørregade.

On the Amicis menu, there are 10 different pizzas that you’re just as likely to find in an Italian pizzeria. 

Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

The ingredients come from the family’s home area (Abruzzo), and with Emmanuele’s father, who has decades of experience, in the kitchen nothing is left to chance. 

To start, the dough rises for a minimum of 48 hours, and the pizzas are baked at 500 degrees in a stone oven to ensure a perfect crisp is achieved in just a few minutes.

Authentic pizzas – right out of the book

We recently experienced just how great these pizzas tasted.

All the while, we had the feeling of being transported to Italy with every bite. On our first visit, we tried not one but three varieties: Prosciutto e Funghi, Parma ham, and Truffle.

Without a doubt, deliberation and dedication went into refining these pizzas to perfection, and the imported Italian ingredients make a clear difference. 

Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

This pizzeria has no greasy bases or mysterious ingredients (who said pineapple?). These ingredients are carefully selected, and the final delivery is delicious. 

The ham is Italian, the tomato sauce reminds us of summer and sun, and the authentic truffle flavor (sourced from Italy) is complete. 

You cannot help but feel you are sitting somewhere in Italy.

As we listened to Italian music and Emmanuele talking in the background, we enjoyed the scent of freshly baked pizza and ingredient toppings, and there was nothing amiss. 

We just needed 25 degrees of sunshine – but you can’t have it all.

Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen
Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

All-natural Italian ice cream 

In addition to authentic Italian pizzas, there is also ice cream. Moreover, this Italian ice cream is made from all-natural ingredients. 

For example, the raspberry flavor consists of a whopping 60% raspberries. Yes, that is possible! 

Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

Despite the three pizzas we had just finished, we also found room for Italian ice cream. Who wouldn’t?

It was hard to resist as we watched others stop by to buy a scoop or two. 

Needless to say, the ice cream was not disappointing. In fact, the experience was absolutely amazing. Full of flavor and naturally good. 

Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

If you tried natural Italian ice cream before then you know how good it can be – so perhaps you might want to taste the ice cream on Nørregade just to double check. 

At Amici, you can dine on all days from 12-21, or if you prefer, take away these delicious tastes of Italy and enjoy the experience at home.

You can read more and follow Amici on their Facebook page here.

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