Be aware: New tariffs are in place for parking in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

As a driver, you have to be aware of new tariffs when parking in Aalborg.

As part of Aalborg Municipality’s budget agreement for 2023 a number of tariff changes have been made. 

There is a new agreement for the municipal car parks in Aalborg City center from January 1st 2023

The hourly rate at the public municipal parking spaces in the Aalborg centrum has increased by 1 krone per hour in the red and green zones.

In the future, parking will cost 17 kr per hour in the red zone, 10 kr per hour in the yellow zone, and 8 kr per hour in the green zone.

At the same time, the parking spaces at Sauers Plads and Sømandshjemmet have been moved from the green to the yellow zone.

New opportunities at Aabos Plads

Previously, annual and monthly subscription passes were valid in the green zone, but now they are valid in both the green and yellow zones.

In concrete terms, this means that drivers with a monthly or annual pass can now park on Aabos Plads.

The price of a monthly parking card will increase from 400 kroner to 500 kroner per month from 1 January 2023, and the price of an annual parking card will increase from 4,000 kroner to 5,000 kroner per year.

A parking license for those living in the city now costs 2,500 kroner annually.

New rules for electric and hybrid cars

Along with the new tariffs for parking in Aalborg, there are also new rules for electric and hybrid cars.

Free annual passes or parking licenses for owners of electric and hybrid cars have ended, and it is no longer possible to park for free in Aalborg for these car owners.

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