Been working for several hours: The police is investigating a serious incident in Nørresundby

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Update: The police has found the possible perpetrator. He has been in for questioning but has not been arrested. The police states that while he admits the circumstances he claims that it was consensual. The police will now talk to the young woman again to find out more about the consent part.

The police has spent much of Sunday morning working intensely on Østerbrogade in Nørresundby.

They’re investigating a report of a rape that is supposed to have happened on a street during the late hours of New Year’s night.

The North Jutland Police has told B.T. in a statement.

They also state that they have questioned a suspect but not yet made an arrest because the case has to be investigated further.

Attacked on a street

Early Sunday morning the police did not wish to comment on why they were massively present in the area with police officers and dogs.

But later in the day, the superintendent Mads Hessellund explained that a younger woman reported that she had been attacked and raped on Østerbrogade in Nørresundby.

“At 03.05 we got a report that a younger woman had been raped on Østerbrogade in Nørresundby”, Mads Hassellund from North Jutland Police says.

“It is supposed to have happened outdoors but for the sake of our investigation we do not have further comments.”

There are no further information about the case right now but if you were in the area around the time stated you’re asked to contact the police via the phone number 1 1 4.

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