Beginner-friendly: Here’s how you can learn Danish with podcasts

by Catarina da Silva

While it is possible to easily live in Denmark and only speak English, it becomes apparent with time that not speaking the local language can be a hindrance or challenge for internationals.

Some public authority websites have limited translations or very few web pages translated, e-boks letters from the municipality are sent in Danish, social integration and political awareness can be somewhat limited, and the occasional train announcement about delays might go unnoticed when Danish skills are limited.

Learning a new language may seem daunting at first, especially when Danish already has the reputation of being one of the hardest languages to learn, so finding interactive and fun ways to learn it can make the journey easier.

One way to achieve this is by finding ways to integrate Danish in different everyday activities, for instance by reading books, using a language app, changing an app’s language, and listening to podcasts.

Inspired by the latter, we have compiled a list of beginner-friendly podcasts for Danish learners.

Nice to Know Podcasts

Dansk i ørerne

Created by Sofie Lindholm, each episode lasts 5-10 minutes, and the pace is relatively slow. The podcast focuses on a wide range of topics from local food culture like ‘Kartofler’ or potatoes (episode 51), national events like ‘Folkemødet’ (ep. 74), culture and history like ‘Danmarks Radio’ (ep. 37), the system’s innerworkings like ‘SU’ (ep. 23), politics like what ‘Borgerforslag’ is (ep. 16), or places in Denmark like ‘Aalborg’ (ep. 18).

Koen på Isen

Created by Helle Krog, with each episode lasting from 10-20 minutes, the talking pace is paused and well pronounced. The episodes are about various topics like grammar in ‘Han kysser hans kone’, pronunciation of the stød in ‘Er du stadig i stødet?’, colloquial expressions and the meaning in ‘Julen varer lige til Påske’, Danes’ use of language in ‘Sådan’, and traditions in ‘Julen står for døren’.

Learn Danish with Swap Language

Created by Vigdis, a Danish as a foreign language teacher since 2015, the episodes last from 5-15 minutes typically. The podcast is divided in two language levels, that are always indicated in the title of the episodes: Beginner or A1-A2, which includes short stories, slower and clearer speaking, and it matches the topics learnt in the Sprogskole’s module 1/2; and Intermediate or B2-C1, with various themes stemming from personal tales and experiences in Vigdis’ everyday life in Aarhus, spoken in normal tempo.

Simple Danish Podcast

Created by Rasmus and Antonina, the episodes run between 5-15 minutes, and are spoken at a slower pace. It aims at bridging the gap between basic and advanced Danish, and it makes available transcriptions and exercises for every episode on their website. The episodes talk about different aspects of living in Denmark, like Easter, housing, how it is to go to school in Denmark, CV writing in Danish.

If you would like to know more about your options for learning Danish, you are welcome to contactInternational House North Denmark / +45 9931 1530

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