Beloved summer guest: Here you can experience an adorable seal in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

If you visit Vestre Bådehavn in Aalborg, you can currently witness a cute seal.

In the middle of the boat pier lies a spotted seal basking in the sun, and it is far from a rare sight.

This sweet seal is a well-known guest in Aalborg.

“We are quite sure that it is the same seal that has been visiting the boat harbor for at least the past seven years,” Poul and Ada Hestbek, who have had a boat in Vestre Bådehavn for many years, say.

We have previously written about the charming seal when it had a completely different color, but a seal’s fur can change color throughout its lifetime.

“We believe it’s a female, and she lives here alone in the harbor. She always lies and relaxes in the same spot throughout the summer,” they explain.

The seal often appears in the late morning, where it rests and regains strength. In the evening and at night, it hunts in the Limfjord.

The locals have gotten to know the seal quite well.

“For example, it doesn’t like rainy weather. It quickly jumps into the water,” Ada says.

The spotted seal can live up to 36 years, so the seal may be a regular guest in Aalborg for many years to come.

“We’ve joked a bit that it will soon have to start paying rent to live here,” Poul says with a grin.

Sealfie discouraged

Although the seal may seem peaceful and friendly, we do not recommend getting close and asking for a sealfie.

Seals are wild animals that are generally not accustomed to or comfortable with humans.

In fact, a seal bite can be downright life-threatening, as the seal’s mouth is filled with bacteria, and a serious infection can occur.

The seal has also learned to warn with snorting sounds when strangers get too close to it.

Instead, enjoy the seal from the edge of the quay, where both it and you are safest.

You can find the seal in Vestre Bådehavn on the boat pier – and there is the highest probability of seeing it on sunny days in the late morning and afternoon.

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