Big American news media: Highlights Northern Jutland attraction as travel destination

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Things are going well for the North Jutland Museums at the moment.

Just a few days ago, the two North Jutland ring forts, Aggersborg and Fyrkat, were officially included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, which is quite an achievement for a North Jutland attraction.

To be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, a place must meet certain criteria. It must have outstanding universal value within categories such as culture, nature, or a combination of both.

The site must also meet requirements for authenticity and preservation.

The ring forts are now on the World Heritage List alongside some of the world’s most iconic sites such as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, and the pyramids.

Viking journeys are popular

There is no doubt that the ring forts have already attracted attention and will likely receive even more attention in the future.

This is predicted by the American news media Forbes, which is one of the most widely read and influential business news publications in the world.

In a brand-new article, they highlight the five ring forts under the headline: “Why Denmark’s Viking Ring Fortresses Will Be Europe’s Next Big Attraction.”

In the article, journalist David Nikel writes that the ring forts will undoubtedly boost Viking travel in Denmark in the coming years.

“The new designation is sure to fuel interest from around the world. With other attractions, including the Jelling runestone and the historic town of Ribe, Viking travel in Denmark is set to receive a boost in the years to come.”

The five Danish ring forts share a similar appearance but are not entirely identical in size. Aggersborg is clearly the largest, with a diameter of 240 meters and 48 longhouses within its ramparts when it was in use. Photo: Vesthimmerlands Museum.

Great potential

Denmark is internationally known, infamous, and admired for our dramatic Viking Age, and the addition of the ring forts in Aggersborg and Fyrkat to the World Heritage List will surely only enhance this fascination among tourists.

Forbes’ mention of the ring forts as “Europe’s Next Big Attraction” is an exciting announcement that underscores the enormous potential these sites have to enrich our historical and cultural landscape.

You can read the article here.

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