Big and greasy: The wildest hangover food in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Once lockdown is lifted and our daily lives return to a somewhat normal state, we expect that Aalborg’s famous party street, Jomfru Ane Gade, will once again be buzzing.

Hangovers are bound to follow and in preparation for the inevitable cravings, we’ve compiled a list of takeaway that is both big, greasy, and mouthwatering – as it should be.

If you’re already drinking yourself into a stupor or just in desperate need of some great takeaway then you’re in luck; all the listed food can be ordered as takeaway right now.

FYI; the following list was made by the editorial staff and is not sponsored. 

Bearnaise Bastard at Grillen Burgerbar

You’re definitely not lacking options if you seek a tasty burger in Aalborg.

But if you really want something extra juicy and delicious then the bearnaise burger is a solid bet.

This chunky beef and bearnaise sauce burger has cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, roasted onions, and Gillen’s mayo. No need to say more.

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40D at Sams Barbeque

One of Aalborgs’ most legendary menu item is the 40D, and if you live in Aalborg, you must try it!

For the ignorant, the 40D is an oven-baked sandwich that includes kebab, french fries, salad, and homemade dressing.

The legendary 40D-sauce is top secret. But we can tell you that it takes just six minutes to prepare (including the three minutes in the oven) – so you can quickly return home to isolation.

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Gigantic pizza at Vejgaard Super Pizza

We discovered Aalborg’s largest pizza at Vejgaard Super Pizza.  This pizza is so big it barely fits through the pizzeria door.

Check out number 40 on the menu, which is a pizza that has a diameter of 60 cm and weighs in at about three kilos. Such numbers make it clear why this gigantic pizza is so famous.

The crispy and glorious pizza is 230 kr and sharing with five others is recommended. But if you are starving, then eat it alone.

Giant spring rolls at NanKing

NanKing has been voted Aalborg’s favorite takeaway place by Just Eat’s users several times. And with good reason. They make the most mouthwatering and heavenly grilled food. Yep, even the angels sing.

Their gigantic spring rolls are especially renowned, so if a burger or pizza doesn’t satisfy you, this temptation might be enough.

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Giga-burger at Jin Shing

Jin Shing is possibly Aalborgs’ most well-known and popular grill bar.

On Hjørringvej in Nørresundby, hungry northerners migrate to the cozy grill bar, initially established in 1985.

At Jin Shing, there is a Jumbo-burger on the menu, and yes, this burger most definitely lives up to its name.

This burger is layered with two juicy patties, salad, and drizzled with Jin Shings’ legendary burger dressing. The dressing is so good that it sells at grocery stores all over Denmark. If you want to be sure to satisfy your hunger, then give this monster burger a try.

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Kebab with the fabulous garlic dressing at Pita Mix

Your breath will ALWAYS give you away if you just came from Pita Mix on Reberbansgade.

There the garlic mayo is so popular that you can buy it separately and keep a fresh stock in your fridge.

If you choose garlic, then, of course, it’s this fabulous mayo that is spread on the bread – and this mayo sets apart Pita Mix’s durum from the rest.

It just can’t taste bad!

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Steak & Cheese Sandwich at Subway

What do you think about a giant sandwich filled with meat and cheese? Perfect for a hangover, right?

Subway in Aalborg has had great success with their meaty sandwich, which you can get in a 30 cm version. Indulging in this sandwich should cure the worst hangovers and cravings.

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In 2019, Burger Boom on Vesterbro was voted Aalborg’s Best Burger Joint.

They are still going strong despite the Corona-crisis by delivering a massive amount of yummy burgers and fries to their customers.

To kick off 2021, you may want to start with an obvious choice – a BoomBurger. Bite into a juicy, drool-worthy DOUBLE cheeseburger filled with all the best burger ingredients.

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Beef sandwich (similar to a Sloppy Joe) at Kastet Grill & Burger

In 2021, the legendary grill in Vestbyen will celebrate 22 years.

The old-fashioned but never going out of style beef-sandwich is a famous dish on the menu. This beef sandwich is exactly what you would expect in Northern Jutland. Meaning, there is a lot of brown sauce all over the sandwich.

So if you did not get enough brown sauce this Christmas, you could start the New Year with this one.

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