Big man on stage: Tobias Rahim debuts at Grøn 2024

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Mathias Gregersen Larsen
Photo: Mathias Gregersen Larsen

Now you can start getting excited.

One of the biggest names on the Danish music scene, Tobias Rahim, will be touring Denmark this summer with Grøn Festival, and today he is helping kick off ticket sales.

For the first time, Tuborg and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation welcome Tobias Rahim to the Grøn family as one of the biggest current stars on the Danish music scene becomes part of this year’s tour.

This sets the stage for a fantastic party for both new Grøn-goers and loyal audiences. Grøn hits Aalborg on July 21st.

Tobias Rahim states:

“I think I’m going to ruin the party… I mean smash it. With existential passion. I’ve dreamt of the Grøn stage since I collected bottles for the party as a kid.”

An experienced debutant on the poster

In 2021, Tobias Rahim stormed the Danish charts with Andreas Odbjerg with the massive hit “Stor Mand”. Since then, Tobias Rahim has delivered a string of catchy tunes with huge hits like “Mucki Bar”, “Flyvende Faduma” and “Vi 1”.

With his ability to combine sensitive messages in poetic lyrics with pop ballads and danceable rhythms, it’s no wonder that Tobias Rahim is among the most streamed artists in Denmark year after year.

After his breakthrough in 2021, Tobias Rahim has been a recurring name on the posters for summer festivals, as was the case in 2023, when he visited not only the Orange Scene at Roskilde but also festivals like Smukfest, Tinderbox, and Northside.

Now the time has come for Tobias Rahim to take the Grøn Stage for the first time, as Grøn, which last year celebrated 40 years with a sold-out tour, traditionally visits eight Danish cities from July 18th to 28th.

Theis Petersen, fundraising manager at the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, states:

“We are incredibly proud that Tobias Rahim has agreed to be part of this year’s Grøn tour. It’s no secret that he has long been at the top of the wish list for Grøn.

Now we just need it to be July so we can once again bring together audiences with partying, community, and fantastic live music by Tobias Rahim and the rest of this year’s strong lineup, which we will reveal in the coming weeks.”

Christopher Bak Billing, sponsorship director at Tuborg, states:

“This time of year is one of the best, where we finally get to unveil all the fantastic live music Danes can experience at Grøn this summer.

At Tuborg, we look forward to once again contributing to the unique community on Grøn between artists, volunteers, and audiences. It’s going to be a party!”

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