Big news: Fly to Greenland from Aalborg Airport

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

In the summer of 2024, it will be possible to fly to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland with Air Greenland from Aalborg Airport.

Another unique travel opportunity will be added to the route map from Aalborg, where fantastic travel experiences in the stunning landscapes of Greenland are just around the corner.

This was announced in a press release by Aalborg Airport.

Here’s where you can travel to Greenland

Imagine boarding a flight at Aalborg Airport heading for unforgettable adventures on the edge of the Greenland ice sheet.

Now, this will become a reality, as Air Greenland will offer a total of 9 flights from Aalborg to Greenland from June 25th to August 20th in 2024.

A Boeing 737-800 from Jettime, with a capacity of 189 passengers, will operate on behalf of Air Greenland, flying from Aalborg Airport over the Atlantic to the exciting Greenland.

There will be a brief stop in Copenhagen to pick up new passengers before continuing directly to Kangerlussuaq.

“We have the opportunity to fly to and from Aalborg Airport on Tuesdays by stopping over in Copenhagen and then flying to and from Kangerlussuaq.

This way, we hope to meet the needs of customers who want to travel to and from Northern Jutland,” Commercial Director Henrik Søe of Air Greenland says.

Unique travel experiences in Greenland and expanded cargo potential

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is known for its impressive Arctic landscape.

It is undoubtedly a magnificent place where icebergs and glaciers dominate the horizon, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventurous travelers who can experience everything from iceberg safaris to the fascinating Inuit culture.

“We have experienced a strong demand in Aalborg Airport for a route to Greenland, both from the business sector and especially from leisure travelers who dream of, for example, hiking on the ice sheet.

It is, therefore, great and joyful news that, together with Air Greenland, we can offer a unique travel opportunity from Aalborg to Kangerlussuaq this summer,” Airport Director Niels Hemmingsen explains.

“At the same time, it creates a good foundation for expanding cargo potential across the North Atlantic, which has been a focus at Aalborg Airport, especially in the past year.

It is an important part of the route work that helps enable a direct connection to and from Greenland.”

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