Big party ahead: The theme for Aalborg Carnival 2024 has been revealed

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Aalborg Carnival was once again a huge celebration in May this year, setting records and bringing lots of joy to the carnival participants. Naturally, there is great curiosity about this year’s theme for 2024.

The theme will be “Fantastic Creatures.”

This theme celebrates the unknown, magical, and adventurous, inspiring participants to go all-in with their creativity for the carnival in May 2024.

The date for the carnival celebration is, as always, the Saturday in week 21, which will be on Saturday, May 25th, next year.

Carnival week starts on May 17th with an international parade, followed by Children’s Carnival on May 18th, leading up to the big public parade and subsequent festivities the weekend after May 25th.

The unknown and the magical in the world

Fantastic creatures have always been a source of mystery and beauty, representing the unknown and magical in our world.

From mythological beings to imaginative creatures in literature and film, they have been a source of inspiration and wonder.

These beings challenge our perceptions of reality and open our eyes to new perspectives.

Not only do fantastic creatures symbolize our inner strength and courage, but they also inspire imagination and creativity.

They encourage us to explore new ideas and possibilities and open our minds to the incredible.

This is part of Aalborg Carnival’s reasoning for choosing this theme.

It’s about free imagination

“Aalborg Carnival 2024 is about letting our imagination soar freely,” Chris Kroer Jensen, the head of Aalborg Carnival, says.

He continues: “We encourage all participants to embrace the magic in the world around us and explore the unknown.

Fantastic creatures are not just a part of the world of fantasy; they also represent a connection to our own adventurous sides.”

Aalborg Carnival is a unique opportunity for participants to delve into different cultural mythologies and legends, where fantastic creatures play a central role.

This theme allows participants to learn about and appreciate different cultures and their unique stories.

“We encourage all carnival participants to let their creativity run wild and create fantastic costumes and floats that reflect this year’s theme.

Let’s explore the magic together and create a carnival celebration that will be remembered for its fantasy and adventure,” the Carnival Chief explains.

New fund of 200,000 kroner

As something new, the Aalborg Carnival Association is opening applications for a fund totaling 200,000 kroner, which participants can apply for to create even more creative and artistic costumes, floats, or perhaps something entirely different, all of which will contribute to enhancing the quality and experience for the guests at Aalborg Carnival.

The fund will be opened in November, and you can apply through a form on the Aalborg Carnival’s website.

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