Big plans: GoBoat to build floating sauna-islands on the water

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Illustration: Seanics
Illustration: Seanics

Danish company GoBoat known for creating experiences on the water – and especially known for their rental boats in Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg, and internationally in Berlin, London, Sweden, and Australia – are now behind Seanics too.

The new floating modules are made of biomaterials, composed of basalt, and flax fibers.

The modules can be put together as needed and extended out over the water to ensure high flexibility regardless of the specific type of water environment.

They can be used as, for example, summer houses, youth housing, hotel rooms, or even restaurants and bars on the water.

With this initiative, they also ensure that there is something attractive to do in the colder months.

Can be used for everything from a sauna to hotel rooms

Seanics-modules are designed by Carl Kai Rand, who is an architect, co-founder of GoBoat, and CEO of Rand Boats.

“We have designed and developed Seanics-modules with respect for the environment. At the same time, the modules will bring people closer to nature, regardless of whether they are used as a sauna, hotel room, or boat shed.

The modular design ensures that builders, property developers, ports, and municipalities can scale the building over time without large environmental or economic consequences,” Carl Kai Rand explains.

Illustration: Seanics

Lots of interest

In addition to Carl Kai Rand, the other two co-founders of GoBoat, Anders Ekelund Mørck and Kasper Eich-Romme, are also onboard with Seanics, which has received nearly 2 million Danish crowns in support from Innovationsfonden (The Innovation Fund).

Velux is also a collaborative partner, responsible for their skylights.

“Collaboration has been a keyword in the realization of Seanics.

That’s why we owe a huge thanks to Innovationsfonden, Velux, and all our other strong partnerships. We’re now also seeing good collaboration with builders and developers in Denmark and internationally.”

Seanics’ concept is also, as mentioned earlier, actually for GoBoat, who will use the modules to create sauna experiences on the water to engage people in life on the water throughout the winter months.
The exact time plan for each city has, however, not yet been released.

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