Big plans in between: Check out the building ground on Bredegade

by Shellie Boudreau

The large plot on Bredegade, in between Kaffebaren and Sport24, has been under construction for a few months. 

The clothing store, Tøjeksperten, was recently demolished, and now the plot is getting a massive renovation. 

You could say that a lot of curiosity is building. The plot has an open view of Vor Frue Kirke’s (church), making it an ideal spot for an open marketplace.   

But that’s not what’s planned.

The real estate company Wagner Ejendomme owns the grounds and is not in short supply of big plans. The plan is to make a contemporary building that caters to stylish clothing shops and seven modern apartments on the first and second floors. This area sees some of the highest pedestrian traffic throughout the day and evening. 

Photo: Wagner Ejendomme

The apartments will have an entrance from Vor Frue Plads and different sizes. Construction will include some of the highest quality materials, and the apartments will have spacious balconies, an elevator, and bicycle parking. 

Wagner Ejendomme’s aims to respect the architectural expression of the surroundings and maintain a historical feel. 

A new and modern street house

Bredegade 4 and the Wagner family’s connection to the building started in 1946 and it became a cornerstone establishment of Wagner Ejendomme.

“Bredegade 4 has been through a lot, and the plot has a long history. At the same time, the house” moved” from being on the outskirts to a central and one of the best locations in Aalborg.

Time puts pressure for change as is true for Bredegade 4. Therefore, we are looking forward to extending the long history of this plot. We will do so by adding a new chapter, or more correctly a new and modern street house,” Sven Wagner explains about the construction on Wagner Ejendommes homepage.

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