Books, coffee, and fjord view: Bookstore opens mini café

by Shellie Boudreau

“It only takes 5 minutes – but we would like you to stay a little longer”.

This line was a famous slogan coined by Fakta many years ago. But now it is getting a revival by Alborg Boghandel on Nytorv.

Alborg Boghandel has set up the cosiest little coffee corner in their bookshop. This means you can read a book, play a game, and at the same time enjoy the view over Nytorv and Jens Bang’s Stenhus. 

It’s a great place to watch as hundreds of people pass by every hour.

In addition, you can (if you stretch your neck) also glimpse a view of the Limfjord on the horizon. A perfect place to chill if you need a break from shopping or simply to relax, people-watch, or enjoy a good book.

Scale-downed version from London

Combining a coffee shop and a bookstore is not an entirely new idea. London, England, has them, and they are pretty popular. You can also find versions of them elsewhere in the USA and Canada. 

In London, for example, the well-known bookshop “Foyles” offers it in a somewhat larger format – over five floors – where reading experiences and refreshments create a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and the smell of a new book. Another great example is Chapters Indigo from Canada.

In any case, it’s common for bookworms to lose track of time while browsing new releases and sampling snippets from fantasy, crime, psychology and biographies. 

One can only hope this mini cafe gives a sneak peek into the future and will bring new experiences to our Paris of the North.

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