Broadcasted to millions: Huge TV channel shows Aalborg’s murals

by Ashton Christensen

In Aalborg, we love the street art on the many buildings around town.

There’s even a Street Art Tour, and the many gable paintings add an authentic experience and cool city vibe.

The rest of the world has also woken up to Aalborg’s qualities and characteristics.

One of the world’s biggest TV channels, National Geographic, which has viewers worldwide, visited Aalborg several times to film a new documentary.

It is titled “Europe from above,” and Aalborg is the center of one of the sections, Kirk Gallery announces in a press release.

You will be able to watch beautiful drone footage showcasing the creation of the gable paintings, interviews, and a street art tour around Aalborg where Lene Kirk cycles from one gable painting to another with a drone on her tail.

Several Aalborg visits

The TV crew visited Aalborg several times over the past year to get all the footage, and the initial footage was filmed just about a year ago.

The program premiered on the TV channel ‘National Geographic’ on August 28th at 21:00 with a 45-minute documentary.

Fortunately, the program will air several times after that.

It will be a viewership of many million people worldwide who will experience our beautiful city.

Street Art on Skalborg Bakke

The Street Aart project “Out in the Open” will soon be in its ninth year after KIRK Gallery began a long series of large-scale gable paintings by high-profile international street artists.

The project is now independent and non-profit with a website, account and accounting separated from the gallery.

The project aims to bring high-quality art to many, not just a few, so everyone can experience beautiful art firsthand.

To bring art “out in the open” so as many people as possible can experience what it means to live with art daily and the joy it brings.

Mural on Vestre Fjordpark.

The latest mural was finished by the Australian artist Smug who worked on the large project on Vestre Fjordvej in Aalborg.

Argentine Bosoletti was born in 1988 in Armstrong, a small village in Argentina.

His poetic and symbolic way of capturing the human body and adding beautiful pictorial elements characterizes his style.

His palette is primarily grey as if he was dealing with negatives from a vanished era.

Argentine Bosoletti has just started a piece in Holberggade in the center of Aalborg on a large brick wall, forming a raw background for his work.

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