Brrrrrr: Try ice swimming at Vestre Fjordpark

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The basins at Vestre Fjordpark have been empty for some time, and the city’s winter bathers have been eagerly awaiting the moment when water would fill the park again.

And now, there’s good news.

On December 2nd, the water will return. Isbjørnenes Issvømmere (a local winter bathing club) invites all fearless winter bathers for an icy Christmas experience.

Winter bathing is taken to a new level, spreading Christmas joy by the basins.

Winter bathing with a Christmas twist

There’s excitement and fun in store as participants can try 10, 25, and 50 meters of ice swimming, challenging the world champion Nikolaj Kühn.

The event, named “Winter Bathing with a Christmas Twist,” offers a unique combination of the challenges of winter bathing and the warm Christmas atmosphere.

After the icy dip, the sauna is ready and waiting. The club has ensured that participants can warm up after an adventurous plunge into the cold water.

Moreover, everyone can look forward to a spectacular ice swimming show and informative material about winter bathing.

Feeling a bit chilly?

For those who prefer to stay warm on the sidelines, there’s the option to enjoy the atmosphere with a hot glass of mulled wine, cocoa, or other tasty treats.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re ready for a cold dip or prefer to take it easy on the sidelines.

For those brave enough to take the plunge, it’s good to have swimwear under your clothes and remember to bring a towel for the sauna.

Changing facilities are available on-site, of course.

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