Budolfi Parish closes down: These places are affected

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Yesterday, the authorities announced that Budolfi Parish has to close down.

With an incidence of coronavirus cases in the past seven days of 803.77, 58 newly infected and 3.02 tested positive, Budolfi Parish in Aalborg Municipality has closed down starting from today, May 31.

“Unfortunately, this means that we have to temporarily close down another parish although the limit for when a parish has to close down was raised on Friday. It is really a pity.

This time it will affect educational institutions, associations, and a lot of cultural institutions that are located in the area, and which just had restarted their activities,” Jan Nielsen, director of Ældre & Handicapforvaltningen in Aalborg Municipality, who is in charge of the crisis response, says.

Because Budolfi Parish is a part of the model, which automatically closes down parishes, Aalborg Municipality is obliged to close down all primary and private schools, clubs, youth and adult educational institutions along with any locations where cultural activities take place, and also locations that house sports, recreational activities – including private fitness centers.

Map of the closed parish.

Closes down at least one week

Budolfi Parish will be closed for at least one week.

Although many activities will be closing down, people are allowed to cross between parishes – for example, if they attend school or work in another parish.

It’s possible to ask the Danish Patient Safety Authority to evaluate whether certain institutions may reopen faster if the arguments are good enough.

This is why people who use the different institutions, centers, and associations should keep updated through these individual places.

“I want to use this opportunity to repeat the message that it is important to get tested before you participate in activities or social gatherings.

The North Denmark Region just opened up for new testing possibilities in the center of the city so it is easier to get tested,” Jan Nielsen says and points out that several parishes in Aalborg are close to shutting down, for instance, Vesterkæret Parish, and that it is necessary to keep our good habits and stand together.

The closing of Budolfi Parish means that the following places are closed:

  • Klostermarksskolen
  • Midtbysjakket on Vesterbro
  • Youth and adult educations
  • Aalborg Katedralskole, Sankt Jørgens Gade
  • Lilleskole for Voksne Nordjylland, Bispensgade

Cultural institutions and more

  • 1000 Fryd
  • Aalborg Historiske Museum
  • Gråbrødre Kloster
  • Studenterhuset
  • Huset i Hasserisgade
  • Det Grønlandske Hus
  • Folkekirkens Hus
  • Aalborg Teater


  • Bevaringsforeningen for Sadelmager- og Tapetsererfaget
  • De gamle træ og glasfag
  • Europæisk Ungdom i Aalborg
  • Indre Mission Ungdom, Bethesda
  • KFUM og KFUK i Aalborg
  • Naverne
  • Smedehåndværkets bevarelse
  • Vinterbadeklubben ‘Lillebjørn’
  • Aalborg Billardklub af 1931
  • Aalborg Karate Skole
  • Aalborg Klatreklub
  • Aalborg Volleyball
  • Foreningen Sportshøjskolen
  • Alternativets Unge Aalborg

Night schools

  • SIND, daghøjskole

–          §18 foreninger

  • Aalborg Provstiers menighedspleje
  • FrivilligAalborg – a part of DRC Dansk Flygtningehjælp
  • Cafe Parasollen
  • Ventilen Aalborg
  • FriRummet
  • KOL netværksgruppe
  • Dansk Blindesamfund Aalborg
  • Folkekirkens Nødhjælps Genbrugsbutik
  • Headspace Aalborg

Commercial fitness centers

  • Fysio Fitness, Holbergsgade
  • Fitness World, Vestrebro
  • Fitness 1, Bispensgade

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