Cake guide for the fall: Where to find Aalborg’s best cakes

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Fall has arrived and that means it is time to dig out all our warm sweaters.

It also means that you can pause your ambition of having the perfect beach body and instead focus on making great memories this season – some of which involve cake, obviously.

There is just no getting around the fact that cake is an integral part of our lives. Because Danes love cake. All year-round.

And once the scenery changes from green into bronze and the rain starts pouring drearily all day every day, what do you do?

You try to enjoy it – with cake.

Although homemade cake is frankly the best, there are several spots in town that are willing to do the hard work for you.

That is why we have ventured out on yet another exhausting tour of the city in the hunt for the very best cakes Aalborg has to offer (you’re welcome!).

Our only criteria for this guide was that the cafés and bakeries had to – in one way or the other – excel in cake-making and also offer seating where you can enjoy the desserts in peace and quiet.

Behag Din Smag

In the middle of the city, you will find one of Aalborg’s most popular coffee shops, Behag Din Smag.

Translated to English their name means “Please Your Taste” and that is a promise they deliver on each and every time we visit.

When you step into the shop, you are instantly greeted by the smell of freshly churned coffee beans, the sound of milk being steamed, and not least the sight of baked goods.

Unlike many other coffee shops, everything is baked in-house, only a few feet away from the case they are displayed in.

‘Dynamic’ is a word that sums up the sweet selection as the assortment changes all the time.

When we visited Behag Din Smag, we were served a fiercely delicious cheesecake and a caramel bar, which is also a bestseller.

It is clear to see (or taste) why it is a bestseller; it is made of the legendary Valrhona chocolate and tastes like heaven.

If you are looking to spoil yourself, we can think of zero reasons why you should not pay a visit to Behag Din Smag.

And yeah, their coffee is prettyyyyy good as well.

Good Life Society

At Good Life Society on Nørregade there is always room for cake. And coffee. And tea for that matter.

But let us get back to what it is all about: Cake.

The self-proclaimed ‘tea room’ offers a wide variety of sweet choices that can best be described as ‘lovely’ – both cake- and decoration-wise. 

Here the assortment of cakes changes as the weather/mood/star sign – you name it … But if there is one thing you can be sure of it is that visiting Good Life Society will ensure you cozy experience.

The Good Life is waiting for you.

KaffeFair Strandvejen

Do you want cake that tastes like your grandmother made it then KaffeFair on Strandvejen is the perfect choice.

The café has its own baker who happily puts in the time and energy to create classic Danish baked goods.

If you cannot decide on just one piece of cake, you can order their cake tapas. For just 65 kr you get to munch on several different types of cakes.

When we stopped by the café, the tapas plate consisted of hindbærsnitte (raspberry slices), biscuit cake, træstamme (marzipan covered rum-cakes), and lemon mousse.

All the cakes were legendary but if we had to highlight one in particular, it has to be the biscuit cake, which had an irresistible hint of Christmas spice.

When you visit KaffeFair, you will not only have the pleasure of their tasty cakes but also support a proud socioeconomic business that trains youths with special needs.

La Bonta

On Gravensgade, you will find La Bonta – a pleasant café and bakery that cherishes baker traditions.

Most of their bread is baked without sugar and fat, and they use techniques such as cold rising and long rising. But enough about that!

Our visit was focused on cake so we ran straight past the list of ingredients and directly in the sugary mass of it all.

Despite the huge selection of breakfast cakes, flødeboller (chocolate covered marshmallows), pies, and birthday cakes we knew exactly what we wanted.

La Bonta offers a pretty clever concept of pint-sized confectionery, which enables you to try all sorts of cakes before you are full, and this spoke directly to our sweet tooth (and heart).

FINALLY, we could order “ONE OF EACH!” without being met by judgmental glares!

All of it tasted like something out of grandma’s kitchen – still, we want to heap extra praise on La Bonta for their genius decision to cover their miniature versions of romkuglen and træstammen in chocolate.

To think that these two classic cakes could actually be improved upon?!

Genius, La Bonta. Genius.


We are reaching the end of this cake-filled adventure.

So far, we have celebrated the local heroes who enrich our lives with cakes in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

But there exists a place in town that despite being an international chain also contributes with a lot of local (cake) love. There is really no way around them.

It is really no wonder why Lagkagehuset has won over the world; the baked goods are fantastic.

Aside from being the most generous when it comes to sampling cakes, they also have an assortment that is worthy of a king.

The display cases are filled with everything from Othello, slices, muffins, chocolate cakes, pies, and loads of freshly baked bread.

During our visit, we tasted their bat-muffin, cheesecake, christianshavner (a cake filled with nuts, white chocolate, and fresh berries), and brownie. It is hard to pick a favorite but we really loved the christianshavner cake.

Lagkagehuset is without a doubt worth a visit – chain or not.

Penny Lane

If such a thing as a “cake queen” exists then we have to crown Penny Lane on Boulevarden.

Confectioners and bakers work hard in the basement of the café to uphold the craft – and once you spot the abounding cake display, it is hard not to yell out “ALL OF IT!” when asked what you want to order.

So, of course, we had to order a little of everything.

It is hard to describe our experience with words. Since we have to give a go, the most accurate description would be that every piece of cake we put our fork into tasted divine. We were treated to a slice of (cake) heaven.

… and there were a lot of slices.

All that is left to be said now is “get a move on!” if you want to do the full cake tour.

If you have already been there, done that, then we encourage you to take another round in case these excellent cafés and bakeries have updated their menu cards. Better safe than sorry, right?


This summer, a brand new coffee shop opened on Boulevarden.

Mabel may be the new kid in class but in our opinion, it already hit a home run when it comes to mouthwatering cakes.

The cakes are made by Annemette Møller Langthjem who is a former member of the Danish National Baking Team and that is quite a feather in their cap.

During this particular visit, we decided to dig into Mabel’s new tapas concept that runs every Monday and Tuesday. Here you get the chance to try 4 different pieces of cake of your own choosing, all for the price of 139 kr.

The selection changes on a daily basis but on this particular day, we could choose between a strawberry cheesecake, a passion fruit cheesecake, an Oreo cheesecake, a strawberry cake, and Choko Chok.

We are no cake experts but after having tasted our way through the city, we are sure that Mabel’s cakes deserve to be counted among some of the best.

The strawberry cheesecake was one of the best cakes we have ever had, and we were almost saddened by the fact that we had not ordered four slices of that particular cheesecake.

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