Calling G&T lovers: Join a Gin & Tonic cruise around Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Aalborg has been home to many different gin & tonic festival events over the years.

But the Gin & Tonic Cruise that premiered last year was such a novel approach to the popular drink that it very quickly sold out.

Now Mr. Booze and company, which sells the spirits online and in their Aalborg store, have announced another G&T cruise.

Why not repeat such a successful event? This year, there will be a series of cruises on the Limfjord over the summer.

There are 10 different trips, and each holds 30 people. So hurry up, check the dates, and buy your ticket for this completely novel event.

The first cruise is just around the corner, more specifically on June 15.

30 trips planned for the summer of 2022

Oliver from Mr. Booze is counting on a lot of interest and support again from the locals when making plans for the G&T Cruise this summer.

“We were blown away by the amount of interest expressed last summer.

Originally we planned for one trip but ended up having 22 trips altogether. So one can say that Aalborg appreciated the concept wholeheartedly”.

People actually came and participated from all over Denmark.

“People from Copenhagen, Bornholm, and Germany were also guests. It was absolutely unexpected and such a fantastic surprise that so many joined and gave positive feedback about the experience,” Oliver explains.

Sail around the fjord – and taste the award-winning gin

The first G&T Cruise this summer is on June 15, and there are nine more dates set with cruises. The last date is August 31.

For the event, you meet at the waterfront by the Limfjord Bridge where you’ll board the historic ship the MS-kysten. Then you’ll sail around the fjord along Aalborg for one and half hours.

Along the way, you will be served three gin & tonic drinks, some prepared from the award-winning  Nordic Gin House, which is known for many things including being one of the world’s best gin producers.

All guests will receive a goodie bag with delicious snacks and a surprise gift too. There is also the possibility of purchasing the gin at a sharp price.

“The focus of the cruise is gin, and therefore we are proud to have arranged a great deal Nordic Gin House, so our guests can experience world-class gin – among other great Danish selections.”

For the same reason, Mr. Booze has chosen to make the cruise without food servings.

Another reason is that there are not enough hands to manage the practicalities and maintain the focus on the gin if they’re also setting up a food menu. So the goal is to keep all else practical and focus on the gin.

The price for a ticket for the Gin & Tonic cruise this year is 349.95 kroner and this includes:   

  • 1.5 hours cruise around the Limfjord
  • 3 different Gin & Tonics with gin from Danish award-winning Nordic Gin House
  • Goodie bag with delicious snacks and a secret surprise

The tours are on Thursdays and select Friday and Saturdays over the summer.

There are 30 tickets for each cruise, and you can buy them here.


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