Can you handle it?: Gigantic ice cream cone introduced in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

We hear more and more about how we should eat less and less. But at the same time, it’s becoming more trendy to prove that you can eat more and more.

At SALT Café by Vestre Fjordpark, you lean towards the latter; or…  at least they give the ice cream-hungry a chance to make an attempt. 

In preparation for summer, Katerina Komselis launched a new almighty ice cream-hit: A “Kaj” ice cream.

The Kaj ice cream is named after Vestre Fjordpark’s previous pool attendant who sat on the throne for more than four decades. 

25 scoops… and a bit of everything.

Now, Katerina has expanded the menu with the new ice cream consisting of (hold on to your hats and glasses) a whopping 25 scoops of ice cream of your own choosing, a chocolate muffin, two donuts, and soft-ice on top topped with sprinkles. 

Naturally, you can add the Danish speciality guf (soft marshmallow) on top or between the scoops – if that is to your liking.

“Kaj was extraordinary, and therefore, he would obviously need his own extraordinary ice cream,” Katerina explains.

“That’s why we’ve created this monstrosity, consisting of.. well yeah.. a bit of everything.”

The gigantic Kaj ice cream costs 199 kr,- and is only for hardcore ice cream eaters. 

If that’s you, then come around to SALT after June 1 when they open every day from 11:00 no matter the weather. Until then, keep your eyes on their social media where they continuously announce if they’re open on special days.

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