Carters to an adult audience: Brand-new nightclub opening in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Just over a year ago, we revealed that QBAR opened in Håbets Gård on the street Ved Stranden 9B in Aalborg.

Since its inception, QBAR has been catering to the rapidly growing LGBTQ+ community.

But now, significant changes are underway.

QBAR is embarking on a new direction and transforming into Club Moonlight.

This was disclosed by co-owner Søren Als in a press release.

“We are incredibly excited to announce a very special development in the nightlife here in Aalborg,” he writes in a press release.

After many fantastic nights at QBAR, the owner, Søren Als, along with an anonymous investor, have decided to take the venue in a new direction.

“There has been a need for a new place for the adult audience in Aalborg for a while, which is why the current concept is changing to a dance venue for the mature audience.

September 24th will therefore mark the last evening as QBAR, but only to make room for something new,” he revealed.

Catering to the adult audience

Søren and his team will be busy in week 39, as the venue will undergo a makeover to fit the new, elegant concept, explains co-owner Søren Als.

“Previous guests will still be able to recognize the place, but we’re sprucing it up to match our new concept.

On Saturday, September 30th, we will introduce Club Moonlight, which will open its doors with a spectacular unforgettable opening party, to which everyone is invited.

Club Moonlight will focus on the adult audience and take you on a musical journey back to the best moments of the past and today’s hits,” he continued.

The inspiration for the concept change is a fusion of the well-known old “Dansebaren” in a modern look.

A diverse musical experience awaits

At Club Moonlight, the goal is to provide everyone with a diverse musical experience.

“Our experienced DJs will ensure that the dance floor is packed all night with a wide range of dance-worthy pop music and classic favorites.

So, at Club Moonlight, you’ll be welcomed with the most iconic hits from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and up to today.

It’s important to us that Club Moonlight is a place where everyone feels welcome, and there’s room for diversity. Whether you’re into the classic disco vibe or the modern nightclub scene, there’s a place for you with us.”

Søren Als and the new partner are determined to create a place where everyone can gather, dance, and create unforgettable memories.

Club Moonlight is not just a nightclub – “it’s a place where music unites us across generations and brings joy to our hearts,” they state.

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