Celebrating internationalization: Aalborg is hosting the International Fair and the International Award

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

As more and more people choose to uproot their lives and reground them in a different country, whether to pursue higher education, career opportunities, or better living conditions, it is undeniable that internalization has become an important aspect of modern society.

Denmark, too, has attracted increasing numbers of international citizens, who contribute significantly to the economic, social, political, and cultural development of the country.

In North Denmark alone, the number of employed international residents has nearly doubled in the past decade: in 2008, there were 15.950 employed international citizens, while in 2020 the number had risen to 31.574.

However, starting a new chapter of life in a different country can be very challenging: academic requirements, workplace etiquette, social norms, public services… everything is new and often extremely confusing.

The Internationals’ Fair in September

For this reason, every year, to welcome newly arrived internationals in the region and facilitate their ’settling in’ period, International House North Denmark organizes the Internationals’ Fair. At this major event, internationals have the opportunity to learn all about life in North Denmark, meet public authorities, organizations and NGOs.

The Internationals’ Fair North Denmark therefore represents the perfect way to start your new life in Denmark and begin to develop your local network, one of the most important resources for anyone living in Denmark.

“At Internationals’ Fair North Denmark, international citizens have the opportunity to meet us from Aalborg Public Libraries and discover all the amazing resources we have available to them for free.

Many come from countries where the library system is quite different, and are often surprised to hear about the extent of what we offer.

Starting your life in Denmark at Internationals’ Fair is a really good idea, because you get to learn about all these things that otherwise you might not even know are available to you,” Karina Øgendahl, librarian at Aalborg Public Libraries explains.

The Fair will take place in Nordkraft on September 21st 2021 from 16:00 to 18:00.

Participation is free but remember to sign up here.

International Award North Denmark

On top of it all, this year there is one more reason to attend the Internationals’ Fair: during this edition, International House North Denmark’s Steering Committee, composed by representatives from various institutions, including Region Nordjylland, Aalborg University, and University College Nordjylland will announce the winner of the first ever International Award North Denmark.

The Award has been created by International House North Denmark as a way to acknowledge and reward those who have put significant effort into the internationalization of the region North Denmark.

For the newly arrived in the region, participating in the Award ceremony gives the opportunity to familiarize with the projects and organizations driving change in the region, as well as with the individuals behind them.

The selection committee will award a candidate who resides in North Denmark annd who has contributed to a more global North Denmark in various ways:

  • By engaging in actions that have made North Denmark more global, for instance by organizing or promoting international events and inviting visitors, guests, or other cultural exchanges in the region
  • By creating new ideas, structures, procedures, or products that promise to eliminate international inequalities, to promote global cooperation, or to foster respect for an intercultural North Denmark
  • By attracting the world to North Denmark as well as sending North Denmark to the world

Candidates, either a person or organization, can be nominated by anyone simply by filling out a nomination form, which can be found on International House North Denmark’s website.

The deadline for nominations is on August 15th 2021.

If you’re looking for further information, reach out to International House North Denmark by phone at +45 9931 1530, by email at info@ihnd.dk or alternatively you can contact International House North Denmark’s Project Manager Lasse Jensen lfj@aalborg.dk.

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