Celebrating local contributions: The winner of the International Award 2023 is…

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Adrian Ionel Ursu
Adrian Ionel Ursu

Yesterday, the annual Internationals’ Fair 2023 was hosted by the International House North Denmark.

At the event, they finally revealed who the winner of the International Award 2023 was.

This year, the award went to Adrian Ionel Ursu, the International House North Denmark writes in a press release.

A yearly recognition

The International House North Denmark chose Adrian because of his “exceptional dedication and tireless efforts” that have “made a profound impact on the international community in Northern Denmark over the years, offering invaluable support and help to those in need.”

The International Award is given as a yearly recognition and honors both individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to the internationalization of North Denmark or have gone above and beyond in supporting internationals within the area.

Beyond this, the award serves as a beacon for celebrating the remarkable contributions of everyday heroes within the international community while underlining the importance of a globally engaged Denmark.

To earn the distinction of the International Award North Denmark, candidates must meet specific criteria.

They must be residents of North Denmark and have played a pivotal role in advancing the global identity of the region.

This can manifest in various ways, including organizing or promoting international events, extending invitations to guests for cultural exchanges, and pioneering innovative ideas, structures, procedures, or products that tackle international inequalities, foster global collaboration, and cultivate respect for the region’s rich tapestry of cultures.

Additionally, they must have a track record of drawing global attention to North Denmark while actively representing the region on the international stage.

Making the world a better place

The process of selecting nominees for the award was inclusive, allowing anyone to name an individual, organization, or company based in North Denmark that they believed deserved recognition through the International Award North Denmark.

The nomination period concluded on September 1, 2023, ensuring that all candidates adhered to the award’s specific criteria.

The ultimate decision rested with the International House North Denmark’s Steering Committee, a diverse group of representatives from key institutions.

Their careful deliberations resulted in Adrian Ionel Ursu being named the winner of the 2023 International Award.

“Adrian’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of individual commitment in fostering a more interconnected and globally aware Denmark.

His recognition as the 2023 International Award recipient reminds us all of the positive impact one person can have in making the world a better and more inclusive place,” the International House North Denmark concludes.

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